Live streaming

Live streaming at

Stream Schedules :
I don’t really have a fixed stream schedule for any games! I’ll stream randomly any day in whole week between these days & hours :

European Central Time Zone

Start around 7:00 PM – 5: 00 AM / 19:00 – 05:00

(GMT+1) during summer or (GMT+2) during winter European Time.

Press the FOLLOW button on Twitch if you like the stream! Or follow my Twitter to know when my stream goes live! The full information and chat rules are listed on Twitch!

It happen very often that I don’t stream during Weekend’s & Holidays. Family times and so on :) It also happen quite often that I don’t start the stream on time!
Follow my twitch to get e-mail notification when my stream goes live!! Or follow my Twitter, it will automatic send out tweets whenever I goes live! :3
If I’m not in the mood, doesn’t feel like it or equipment problems, I won’t play/stream anything (゚ヮ゚)

You missed the live stream? No worry!
I usually record (almost) everything I’ve played! In-case you missed the stream (since twitch doesn’t save the videos anymore), it will eventually be uploaded on Youtube & Dailymotion!!