Unboxing Stuff/Games

Watch me unboxing something I got. No, they are not there to show off, they are there to let you have a better look at what you might also going to buy/get. If you don’t like these kind of videos at all, it’s best you not watch them.

Some people think these kind of videos are “pointless”, because some of them are standard edition. But that is the point! To see what is in the standard edition, because sometimes there are extra stuff after all. Or if you bought the Collector/Limited/etc. edition, sometime the content might differ. And also to see how the box/disc/booklet looks like from different region.

Just to remind you all again. I’m not forcing anyone to watch any of these videos. If you dislike unbox standard edition (for what ever reason), just close the video tab and don’t  watch it.

Playlist on Youtube klick HERE