Sony Playstation 2

Finished Projects; Currently running/on hold/future (planning) Projects:
Games that I plan to record or already finish. You can watch them by klick on the links.

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¤ Finished/Completed
(Youtube) ¤

¤ Currently running/On Hold (Youtube) ¤

¤ Future Planning ¤

  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Final Fantasy X International {Japanese Ver./English Dub}
  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Final Fantasy X-2 {Japanese Ver.}
  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Final Fantasy X-2 International+Last Mission {Japanese Ver./English Dub}
  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Rule of Rose
  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Shadow Hearts 2: Director’s Cut {JAP}
  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Shadow Hearts: Covenant
  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Shadow Hearts: From The New World {JAP}
  • [Youtube][Dailymotion] Shadow Hearts: From The New World {ENG}