About My Youtube Channel

Due to that Youtube change the channel layout. Channel Description have became very small and you can only write a extreme short description. So I decide to put the full information about my Channel here.

☆.。.:*・°☆ I’m just a female that love to play Video Game. ☆.。.:*・°☆

» I prefer playing RPGs, Point & Click Adventure, Fighting, Action and Normal Adventure games. But I also love Horror games, FPS & Third-person shooter. In short: I play almost everything as long I’m enjoying it :D

» I love taking my time in games, such as exploring! :)

» I upload Gameplay and some other randoms video on my channel.

» I rarely upload new release games.

»  Most of the games I play/record are blind playthrough.

» I only record games for Entertainment Purposes, everyone that have interest for the videos. I simply capture, immortalize the games I have played and the games people worked so hard on and share it with you all! ;) My videos aren’t about me, it’s about the game.

» I never record the video to show off my gaming skill or any beat high scores unless it stated otherwise.

» I’m not hunting trophies/achievements. I play games for fun!

» My videos aren’t Guides. None of my video suppose to be one either. Most of my playthrough are usually the 1st time play though. By occasion, sometime they might be useful to help you get through the games :D

» By some of the games, I haven’t play them for many months or even years. Don’t expect “good/excellent” gameplay from it, I doubt that any of you still good at a game you haven’t touch for a very long time. :P I can’t even remember where I was when I load my saves, haha!

» I don’t make Voice over/Commentary/Let’s Play videos on Youtube/Dailymotion. Read my FAQs, there is a longer explanation “why not?”.

» About Voice over/Commentary/Let’s Play. There will be a exception in a very rare occasion, only if I play with my friends through online communication ;) But don’t expect too much, I won’t really talk when my friends doesn’t ask me anything.

» If you want Voice over/Commentary/Let’s Play so badly. Visit my live stream, either on Twitch or Hitbox!

» Please don’t tell me how to run my Channel, or how to make or upload videos. Let me do it my way, oki? :D

» There are no point to give me any advice how to play my games on Youtube. I don’t have any use for it, specially when the videos was make months & months before they get screen time on Youtube/Dailymotion. :P

» Don’t like the videos? Just stop watch it. There are plenty of other videos out there that you can watch, unless you don’t know how to use the search box! XD

» Please don’t take it too personal if I didn’t answer your questions and messages. I read every comments & messages that Youtube & Facebook and other pages notifies me, but sometimes they never reached me. (´-`)

» Don’t hesitate to ask if you have question or request, I see what I can do in my free time, but I won’t promise anything I can’t fulfill. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

» Please all the request on my channel comment section, otherwise I could miss your message! Please avoid using PM (Private Message) because the new Youtube inbox are so messed up…

» Please don’t re-upload my videos (Playthrough) on your own channel and claim they are yours. If you want to use the Project Diva videos for any reason, don’t forget to at least credit the original Uploader!

I appreciate every nice comments, subscriber and watcher. Love U all & thanks for all the support ! ♥ Drop by when I live stream, then we can live chat XD


Comments & Chat Information

You wonder why I remove your comments or ignoring you? I suggest you to read the next section to figure that out!

.: Reason I will either ignore you or you get a jerks comments from me… ಠ_ಠ :.
– Posting hate, envy or negative comments to me or my friends.
– Tell me what to do in my videos or how I should play my games.
– Talking about other channels on my videos.
– Tell me to make commentary videos.
– You think that you can do it better, good for you. Now go make your own super awesome videos and leave me alone!? FUU! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
– Complain or talk bad about me, the way I play my games, anything that have nothing to do with the game itself.

In short version… if you have nothing nice to say at all, better just don’t say it and keep it to yourself. You have free speech and opinion, but doesn’t mean that other care what’s your opinions are. Also, telling someone to play better aren’t opinions, that’s just what YOU want! ಠ_ಠ

IMPORTANT : Don’t forget to turn on reply option! Otherwise I can’t reply to your comments either!


.: About the Encoded Videos :.
All the “old” videos that was capture with AVerTV CaptureHD H727 is using either Fraps or Bandicam to record. All the videos that record in 1080i/p will be render in 1080p. This card is internal and was installed inside my computer.
Videos that capture with AVerTV DarkCrystal HD Capture Station C874 using the program that including inside the DVD software. Most (but not all) of the video is record in 720p and render at 720p. The same goes for Elgato Game Capture HD/Avermedia etc.

.: Using Cheat Code? :.
Yes, I do use cheats sometimes. I think it’s completely ok to use cheats as long it’s a offline game, and there are no rules that telling you how you should play your games. Anyone can play their games how they want, so do I. If you have problem with it, that’s too bad for you.
!! But cheating in a online game/matches or speedruns are big no for me !!

.: Background :.
All my Youtube/Dailymotion/Twitch/Hitbox etc. background, banner, thumbnails are make by me.


Playlist… I mostly forget to update it… you can go directly to my Youtube Playlist instead HERE, unless you want a better organize one then klick those below, lol