Social Website & Contact Info.

These are all the places where I have a account and where you can reach me directly ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Only when I’m online of course! Don’t be shy to write me, I promise not to bite like my cats did to me! (°◇°;)

Facebook Personal

 »•♪•« Personal Facebook  »•♪•«

  • Just press follow button! All my post usually are public :D
  • I rarely send out friend request on my own.
  • I will only accept friend request if I actually know you, otherwise I will just ignoring your request. Sorry about that, nothing against you personally. I use have people that was on my Facebook Friends list write rude stuff, and later even question me why we was friends (Even though they are the one that added me). So PLEASE don’t send me friend request randomly if you not sure we gonna get along.
  • You most likely gonna find more personal stuff about me on my Personal Facebook.

Facebook Fanpage

»•♪•« Facebook Fanpage  »•♪•«

  • Here is where you gonna find updates about my main (Gaming) Youtube channel and gaming stuff.

Twitter Personal

»•♪•« Twitter  »•♪•«

  • If I’m doing live stream, this would be one of the place where you get to know when I stream.
  • Usually the same message that is also on my Facebook.
  • I’m more active here than on Facebook!


»•♪•« Instagram  »•♪•«

  • Randomness all over the place!
  • Lot’s of selfie’s (Picture of myself) here!
  • Sometimes Cats or Games picture.


»•♪•« Tumblr  »•♪•«

  • I’m rarely use this…
  • Mostly re-blog stuff that I like!
  • Lot’s of random stuff!
  • Lot’s of selfie’s (Picture of myself) here!

Twitch TV

 »•♪•« TwitchTV  »•♪•«

  • Where I stream live gameplay
  • I do not have Stream Schedule, I always start to stream at random times! Follow my Twitch or Twitter to find out when I go live!!

Youtube AyaAnnyGaming

 »•♪•« Youtube Channel –  AyaAnnyGaming  »•♪•«

  • My main Youtube page!
  • Gameplay, Playthrough, Unbox & Test can be found on this channel

Youtube AyaAnny

 »•♪•« Youtube Channel – AyaAnny  »•♪•«

  • My back-up channel!
  • Use to upload Unbox videos here, but since I rarely log in and out of Youtube, I decide to move my projects to my main channel

Youtube MaoLoveMusic

 »•♪•« Youtube Channel – MaoLoveMusic  »•♪•«

  • This channel have nothing much to do with Gaming!
  • It’s focus on my Cats and personal stuff.


 »•♪•« DeviantART – Anny2311  »•♪•«

  • Where I upload all kinds of art, that I draw myself

If you can only contact me through E-mail, please use these: