FAQs (Gaming)

Frequently asked questions (Gaming)


Q: Do you have other hobby then play video games?
 Yes, I do! I love to draw manga/anime character, I started because of Sailor Moon. But I’m not draw that much anymore. I also love music, sing~ I use to have a cover channel before, where I use to cover japanese songs. It’s still online but inactive.

Q: How old was you when you first play video games?
I’m not sure, but I believe I was around 4-5 years old holding a Sega GameGear in my hand.

Q: Why did you start a Gameplay gaming channel?
I always wanted to record my own gameplay, even without uploading them somewhere. It give me changes to see lots of Cutscene, things I may have missed while I was playing. Or just sit down and enjoy the whole thing without playing it again. Laughing at myself how noob I was playing!

Q: Why not doing Let’s Play/Commentary?
Some people, including myself, think that it can ruin the atmosphere of a game and prefer to watch videos without Commentator over let’s plays/Commentary Playthrough (or whatever you would call). I want to show the games I play as they are.

Also, I don’t really talk or speak about anything while I play. I’m trying to focus in the games, and talking really distract me. Even if I talk while I play, it’s private conversation 85% of the times and I don’t want to talk about private stuff on my videos.

There will be a exception here and there, but only if I play with my friends through online communication. YET I’m going warn you here, even with friends, it’s them that talk most of the time, not me. I only answer what they ask me something and I don’t say anything unless it was important.

English isn’t my mother language, even though I understand it, can read and write. Speaking is fine, but not everyone like to listen to heavy accents (That includes me, since I’m sort of a perfectionist when it’s coming down to my own videos and etc.). That’s one of the main reason I avoid doing Let’s Play & Commentary. Please have some understanding that not all people on Youtube can be good commentator, nor would you enjoy to listen to every voices out there.

Other reason… my current microphone (from my gaming headset) have horrible quality and I’m not going spend money to buy a new one. I still have a condenser microphone from the old anime song cover days, but I haven’t use it for a long time + the old setup didn’t work well, too low audio and etc., I might have to take a look at it again someday.

If you find the video gets boring due to no one is talking, just skip it or stop watching it.

Q: Are you a pro in any game?
No, too much work. I’m more a average gamer. I play because I want to have fun and enjoy playing games. I do like to play on Harder difficultly when I feels like it.

Q: Are you a Fanboy/Fangirl?
No, every console have good and bad side. It’s all depends on games and how the controller fit best for my hands!

Q: Are you hunting trophies/achievements on PS3/Xbox 360?
Nah.. too much work. As I mention before, I enjoy play games. Those thing is just making you feels like to achieve something good and great. Not very important to me, more important is to enjoy the game.

Q: Are you rich? Do you have a job? How do you afford your games?
 Wish I was swimming in money, but I’m not. I do have in-come. Enough to pay house, cars, bills, feed a big cat family & etc.. Save money and buy only that what you really want. Don’t go party, no vocation, think at least twice before buying anything (Even food), buy when there’s discount. That’s how I afford to buy something. And Ads on my videos also help me finance my games & equipment in the recent years.

Q: Where are you buying/Import your games from?
A: Local store, and below are online shops I use :
Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.de / Shopto.net for Europe games.
CDON.no and Komplett.no (Norwegian/Scandinavian page).
JP/US games are usually from Play-Asia / YESASIA / AmiAmi / Nin-Nin Game or Ebay.
Sometimes just directly buy it from PSN, but only when they game doesn’t have Physical release worldwide.
PC games are usually buy from one of the shops I mention above, online (digital version) are either from Steam or GOG or GreenManGaming.
Some games are from other places too, always depends on price and availability.

Q: Why are some of your videos length under 15:30 min, even you clearly can upload longer length videos?
A: The videos was make before the limit was lifted, that’s why they are short (some are under 10 minutes). New videos are a little longer, but not too long due to the large files and long upload times.

Q: Why are Ads in all of your video?
A: Why not?! LOL. They cost you no money, only a few second or minute in your life. As I already answered it in other question, they help me and my channel to finance new equipment and games. ^^ Nothing in life are free. If you really like my videos, I would be glad that you leave the Ads there ;) Thanks!

Q: Can I use your videos for FMV/GMV?
A: Feel free to use my videos. But I will not put up any links for you to download it, you have to find your own way to download the videos you want to use. Only things I ask from you is, don’t re-upload my playthrough and pretend you was the one that making the videos. I don’t think you will be happy about that if someone do the same to you.

Q: Are you going to buy XYZ game?
A: Depends if I like the game or not. I’m not buying something I don’t like to play, just because other loves it doesn’t mean I do. But that doesn’t mean that I hate on a game I never played before. I still can change my mind if the game does interested me later on. And MONEY plays a big role too.

Q: What do you think of XYZ game after trying the Demo/Beta, are you going to play/buy it?
A: Demo/Beta wasn’t never a final decision for me to buy a game. Mostly, it didn’t change much even after Demo/Beta. Because I will only try it, if I already take interest in the game at some point. There are times where we don’t need demo and reviews to decide if we want to buy a game, because we buy what we want to play, not what others want us to play.
And remember, Beta, Demo and Trial are 3 different things. This is how I see it:
¤ Beta – Software/Video Game that is not out yet and the company has released so that you can test it and find bugs. (The final product may change after all the feedback they receive)
¤ Demo – Software/Video Game that lets you use some of the features not all, so that you can see if you like it but don’t have access to everything it has to offer. (ex. Video game demo that has only the first level, but that game is basically in the final stage )
¤ Trial – Software/Video Game that has a time limit on how long you can use it so you can see if you like it and buy it if you do. (A fully finish product)

Maybe with these in mind would help you decide the things you have tried.

Q : Are you Japanese? Can you read Japanese or speak Japanese?
A : No… Just because I love playing games in Japanese, doesn’t automatic mean that I’m from Japan or born as Japanese. I only know very little Japanese and can read Kanji because of my Chinese background. I did self teach myself from time to time, but I’m actually far to busy to do any private learning on my own. And it’s not about being “weeaboo” or not, I just personally prefer the voice actor from japan for JP games, I just love listen to “original” voice actor – that’s all. I use to play games in Japaneses when I was young (Because they mostly sell games in Japanese) and understand almost nothing of it, but still won’t stop me from playing it. The same goes for Games that have English voice as the original VA.

Q : Do you use Emulators?
A : Yes, I do. It’s a lot easier to setup then the real thing.

Q : Do you take request?
A : Depends on what you want to request. If you are interested in PD (Project Diva) videos, please write me on my channel comment box. If Youtube not making any problems while uploading, the video should be online either on the same day or within a week. But I don’t take any playthrough request, sadly I’m too busy and I already have many games I would want to play first. Sorry.

Q : Can I add you on PSN / Xbox Live/ Steam /Origin / Uplay?
A : Sorry, but no :( I want to keep my game session under “friends” only. Nothing against anyone out there, it’s just that… if I plan to play with someone (usually my husband) and a random person on friend-list decide it would be a good time to join, I would have to kick them out and explain why. With people I’m close to and known, they tends to not join my sessions unless they asked me first.
Even if you found my Online account and send me a friend invite, most likely I won’t accept them. Especially the ones where they don’t bother to tell me who they are, where they got my name, etc. I wouldn’t let a complete stranger enter my house if they knocked on my door and just stood there not saying anything. So why would I even acknowledge these people sending me random, blank friend requests, right?
If all those services allow me to to play with other just by adding their user name (like Minecraft on console), I would be glad to play with everyone out there. But I don’t want to clog up my friend list with people I don’t even know, sorry :/

Of course I learned some of my current friends through random session in-games. But not all random session are great. Some people think they are so good and awesome, they start to write you hate message when the game session doesn’t go as planned. Those **** that act like a little spoiled brat are the reason I avoid random sessions nowdays, go thanks them instead.

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