Social Network Name: AyaAnny
Nickname: Anny (Have this since I born, my parents gave this name to me and I feel the most comfortable when people call me by this name)
Real (full) Name: Stand on my Facebook, Aya is the last 3 letter from my full name (I don’t really like it… when people call me by my full name… ^^; )

Birthday: 23. November
Age: You can try to guess it (´∀`) I give you a hint – I was born in the 80’s  ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
Born: Macau; China
Nationality: Thai & Norwegian
Parents: Father – Chinese; Mother – Thai
Relationship Status: Married

Current living in: Norway
¤ German – I understand almost everything, except very complicated words.
¤ Thai – Can talk and read a little, but can not write anymore, since I only learned it during the time I live in Thailand and it faded away through the years
¤ English – Something I learn from school & listen to music :P
¤ Norwegian – I’m still learning… but my husband can help translate for me too :P
¤ Japanese – Only very little, mostly kanji due to Chinese knowledge and lots of Japanese anime & music and games.

¤ Chinese Cantonese – Use to be my first/home language, but too bad it faded away during the time I was living in Thailand :( No one could speak it, and the only person that know the same language was my mother, she was living in Germany back at that time.

Curious about me? Then Keep reading! :P

I’m half Chinese/Thai, born in Macau (China). When I was 10, I moved to Thailand with my mother. I was 14, when my mother took me to Germany (that’s why I can understand German). I basically grow up half of my childhood in Germany.

I been playing Video Games since I was very little. I love singing out loud in front of my PC! LOL and use to do anime song cover for fun (°∀°)b, draw manga & anime fanart, watch TV. Nowadays I just play Video Games and watch Youtube videos, looking through internet to find cute stuff and clothes. My husband is also a gamer. We both meet each other in a Online MMO’s call ‘Ragnarök Online’ :D

My father wasn’t a ‘gamer’ but he does play games for fun. Nintendo Gameboy & Sega Game Gear & Sega Genesis for the console I remember we owned. He also leave me in the Arcade while he was busy spending money in Casino… Also the son’s from my caretaker own a computer store, there I got to watch and play ‘Prince of Persia’ and Doom for the first time. Doom was the reason why I get so scare when playing horror games :D I never manage to recover from that! xD

I think that I’m more a “Casual gamer” today, during the many change in my private life. But sometimes, I still sit up for 2 days or over night to playing something (no.. not The Sims, lol). I play to have fun, to get away from stress, or just love the story and gameplay. I still try to collecting games I like, after all… this is my passion. <3 I use to get a lot of complain from my parents and family for spending too much time on video games (which I still do these days, and they still kinda mocking me about it) ^^;

I’m always nice to everyone that are nice to me. If you think that I’m not being nice to you, you should check back and read what you wrote to me first. If you come with a ass comment, you will get one back, don’t expect someone to be nice to you if you can’t even start that yourself. I also rarely be the one to start a conversation, not that I don’t want to talk or make new friends… it’s just how I am.
But I’m pretty horrible at remembering people names, birthday & phone numbers xD So when you write me, it would be best to remind me who you are!! D:

I make my first Youtube account back October 2006, but it was just for save & favor videos that I like. I remember uploading something that make that account got strike so I stop using it (I think Youtube have remove the strike by now). Then I start doing songs cover for fun, meeting other talented Youtube singer. But stop doing cover end 2010/early 2011, due to that it take lot’s of time to mix a song cover and some user are just being jerk and lack of motivation. Later on, there was 2 strike on the account, so I stop using that account too ._.
And my latest project is gaming videos. I have another channel before AyaAnnyGaming, but it got removed because of copyright strike (Was a “gaming channel” same as my current channel). My current channel was make in 2010.

Some probably think I make gaming videos because so many other user are doing it. That would be only half true! :D I been playing games since I was 6-7 years old and later – after I got my first PS1 and watching the beautiful CG cutscene on Final Fantasy 8, I always wish I have a way to save these videos somewhere. I still watch some of the videos myself! Youtube give me the possibility to share my videos to the world.

“Chasing your own dreams are great. Chasing other people dreams will make you unhappy, even if you reach that person dream, there will be another person that is even better and greater than the one before.” – AyaAnny

“There are no right or wrong in opinion, just because other don’t think the same, doesn’t mean it’s wrong to think different.” – AyaAnny


Favorite Colors:
Black, White, Pink, Red, Purple and usually everything that is pastel color.

Favorite Games (Serie):
Final Fantasy • Parasite Eve • Shadow Hearts • Resident Evil/Biohazard • Dynasty Warriors • Samurai Warriors • Dead or Alive • Diablo • Warcarft • Starcraft • Valkyrie Profile • Tales of (series) • Project Zero/Fatal Frame • Star Ocean • Persona • Xenosaga • Silent Hill • Hyperdimension • Drakengard • Hyperdimension (series) • Atelier (Series) • Ar Tonelico (Series) • Grand Theft Auto

Favorite Games (Stand alone):
Bust a Move 1+2 (English title: Bust a Groove) • Koudelka(PS1) • Haunting Ground (PS2) • Primal (PS2) • Rule of Rose (PS2) • Kuon (PS2) • End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate (PS3/Xbox360) • Alan Wake (Xbox360) • Catherine (PS3/Xbox360) • Pandora’s Tower (Wii) • State of Decay + DLC (PC)

Favorite TV serie:
The Simpsons • Futurama • Bones • Dr. House • CSI • Once Upon A Time • Monk

Favorite Anime serie:
Chrono Crusader • Sailor Moon • Ranma 1/2 • Inu Yasha • Chobits • Kimi Ni Todoke • Accel World • Hunter X Hunter (there is even more that I can’t remember the name right now..)

Favorite Manga/Video Games/illustrator Artist:
I’m more a manga reader than anime watcher :D These are artist that I love because of their artwork that appeal the most to me!
Arina Tanemura • Yoshitaka Amano • Tetsuya Nomura • Tony Taka

Favorite Movie:
I don’t know.. I guess I like all the movie I have watched. Some more, some less. Old Disney movies are also great :D

Favorite Musician/Bands (Asian) : 
2ne1 • Utada Hikaru • BoA • Hyolyn (as solo artist) • SISTAR • Narsha • Lee Hi • IU • SNSD aka. Girl’s Generation • T.M. Revolution • Koda Kumi • Ayumi Hamasaki • Namie Amuro • 4Minute • Moon Myung Jin

Favorite Musician/Bands (Western) :
Queens • Weird Al Yankovic • Backstreet Boys • Spices Girls • Britney Spears • Christina Aguilera • Whitney Houston • Lady Gaga • Janet Jackson • Micheal Jackson • Katy Perry • Céline Dion • Hilary Duff • Holly Valance • Cher • Kylie Minogue • Yvonne Catterfeld • Ask Embla • Elton John

Favorite Video Games Music Composer :
Nobuo Uematsu • Motoi Sakuraba • Yōko Shimomura • Shoji Meguro • Masa (Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors series)

There are no order who or what I like most, I just type them as I remember the names XD