UNBOXING | Nights of Azure Limited Edition (Europe)


Welcome to another unbox post! After a long wait, my copy of Nights of Azure finally arrive. I pre-ordered this from NIS America Europe Online Store.


I have been waiting for this game since the Japanese announcement. This is also the first time I bought/pre-order something from NIS America Europe Online Store. The online shop are base in UK. Mean I have to import the game to Scandinavian country. And I seriously can’t recommend to import if you’re not ready to paid for a very high VAT (Unless you are living in UK where the store are from).


Limited Edition Includes:
• Nights of Azure for PS4™
• Full color, 40 page hardcover art book
• 36-Track original soundtrack with jewel case
• Cloth poster (57″x20″)
• 5 Mini art prints (5″x7″)
• Collector’s box (Includes all the above)

My experience aren’t exactly positive. I was originally going to pre-order the game with PayPal. But since I was short on money during the time the pre-order opening was announced. I needed to use my credit card instead to confirm the order… Two weeks before the release, we received a email from them asking for the payment. This is a lot earlier than most of the online store I ever shop on! Luckily we were allowed to switch payment option, so we tried to us PayPal again. We got multiply error saying they could not receive the payment. So we contracted them and they give us a way to paid the order manually. Bad things about it was, they mention in the bottom that we should notifies them when we send the payment. My Hubby didn’t saw that massage, so he though everything went OK.

Two weeks after release, I keep wondering why I still haven’t receive my game yet. So I checked with my Hubby e-mail and there was nothing from the store. OK, later we figured out we didn’t told them the game was paid. BUT 2 WEEKS after release and they don’t even bother to try send their customer e-mails to confirm about the payment??? That have pretty much pissed me off how orders are being handle in this store…

I wrote KoeiTecmoEurope through their twitter and they direct me to NIS Europe twitter. They suggest that we can try to solve the problem through live support. Funny was, my Hubby was trying to reach their support few minutes before I tweeted them, the Live Support was not available~ and suddenly it magically works after the complain tweets and a link to their page. Everything was solve, items was paid and they promise it will be shipped the next day.

And next day arrive, it was almost 4 pm (CET) and in UK are ca. 3 pm. We check e-mail, no shipping confirmation to be seen… SOOOOO, we try to reach their support again. Magically again~ The item was marked as ship and they give us a tracking number.

It makes me wonder… do I have to drag everything out of someone A** for everything? Where are the ‘good’ customers services? On holidays in Hawaii?


And the one thing that I usually dislike when it’s come to import… VAT. Since I live in Scandinavia, we aren’t part of the EU. We can’t just buy these exclusive item anywhere except to import it. When we order the games from them, we choose ‘NON EU (Export)’, mean no EU VAT are put on the top of the items. BUT, shipping cost are sadly added as part of the order… so when a items cost £62.49 and you add shipping cost which is £10.99. The items cost 73.48. Exact the same price as the EU price.
When the items finally arrive, it cost me another £32 to pick it up ( I could buy 2 indie games of Steam with that money) =_= That’s almost 40% on the top of the original price tag. A lot of money, I could but 2 of my favorite very ‘expensive’ burger!!! :<

Enough ranting! Now comes Picture!



Left : 40 page full color hardcover art book. Right : 36-Track OST


Mini art prints (5″x7″)


Back of the Mini art prints


Picture from NIS America store.


The Cloth poster (57″x20″) is very pretty. This was the reason why I pre-ordered the Limited Edition.



Close up picture of the print quality.

Unbox Video will be uploaded soon!