UNBOXING | Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune (PS4/Asia)


It’s been forever since I update my blog! Usually I was on my blog to update my playlist, which always ended with hours of work and almost no change xD
Today, I’m back with another unbox post! My pre-ordered DOAX3 finally arrive today! Since there was Easter holidays in between, it felt like the shipping took forever! I bought the Asia version because it came with English text. If you are planning to buy this game with English text, you have to find the Asia version of the game. NOT the JAPANESE version!

And before you get confuse and ask “Why don’t you just buy the actual English version like US or EU?” These aren’t any US or EU version confirmed and likely won’t be one either. Too ecchi for the west.


☆.。.:*・°☆ Play-Asia ☆.。.:*・°☆





Lot’s of picture as always! :D Sorry for the quality, I decided it would be faster to use my phone for the picture. This DOAX only contain Japanese dub, unlike the previously release DOX2. You can choose text language between Traditional Chinese, English or Korean in the option menu. There is no age option as the old DOA o_o Means boobies will only bounce “naturally”? :’D
What confuse me was the option to visit PSN option in the title menu… Koei Tecmo have been repeatedly saying there won’t be any DLC, yet the pre-order costume is a DLC… and then the option to visit PSN in title menu… I’m skeptic.