Unboxing | Shining Resonance (Japanese ver.)

It’s been awhile… I’m so slow when it’s come to updating my blog.
I recently wiped my computer and re-install the Windows, due to many problems. And then it took me weeks to sort out everything again, mostly because I was so lazy through out the week. I was in stress and frustrated with something, which have keep me in bed most of the time ._.

Well… enough about me. This time I’m bringing another unbox post that should have been posted long time ago.

Shining Resonance!

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☆.。.:*・°☆ nin-nin-game ☆.。.:*・°☆

Shining Resonance (シャイニング・レゾナンス Shainingu Rezonansu?) is a role-playing game developed by Media.Vision.

One of the game I have been waiting for awhile! I’m kinda a fan from Tony Taka artwork and been trying to buy the Shining series to catch up with some of his games. Sadly, I know that Sega is very strict with Youtube videos. So I’m not sure when I will start to play this… ;_; And my copy of Tales of Zestiria are also on its way <3