Unboxing | Phantasy Star Nova (Japanese ver.)


For once, unbox post is posted the same day as I got the game! XD But I skipped a few box instead, lol!
This time I’m gonna show some picture of Phantasy Star Nova (Japanese ver.) bought (Pre-ordered) from Nin-Nin- Game.

The game arrive in as small letter, no damage to the box. Nin-nin-game marked the items price as €20, which was good for me! Taxes are high here and I really don’t want to pay double price every time I import something. @_@

I really like the box art, very colorful! :D If the game ever come over to the west, I wonder how different it will look?

It came with a small manual. Not bad since you don’t always have to use the digital one :)

First-print bonuses include three codes. The first one is costumes for Phantasy Star Nova. The second code can be given to a friend to purchase the digital version for 30% off. The third one is an item code with costumes for Phantasy Star Online 2, which I’m most likely never get to use it lol.