Unboxing | Samurai Warriors 4 Special Anime Pack


I’m late again with unbox post! XD This was suppose to be done over a week ago. But all the uploading I have to do + some private matter keeps me so busy, I didn’t even get times to stream or play anything ;_;

This time I’m gonna show some picture of Samurai Warriors 4 Special Anime Pack bought (Pre-ordered) from Shopto.

I’m always quite lucky when I order from Shopto! Since they usually ship it like a letter, it doesn’t stuck at tax office! A lot people are usually concern about the item can be damage, which I can agree that it isn’t perfect protected. But I rather have a broken box with a working game, than have to pay double for the tax ;)

Item arrive with no damage.

The game Manuel are in full color, like most Koei release lately. I haven’t start with the game yet, since I played the JP version. I’m not in rush to play it again so soon ^_^; Sorry there was no picture of the disc or the manual, somehow… I forgot to move them to my computer ._.

There was a DLC promotion code included in the box.
But I don’t know if the code is on all the SW4 games.

Special Costume Pack 4 – New costumes for Gracia, Ina, Nene and Oichi.
OLD Costume Pack 1 – Alternate costumes for Yukimura, Mitsuhide, Nobunaga, No, Oichi and Ranmaru.
Edit Parts Pack 1 – New face parts and Western-themed armour for custom characters.