Unboxing | Bayonetta 2 First Print Edition

Hiya! ♥

It’s been awhile since my last post! XD I’m back with another unbox post – with heavy image! This time is Bayonetta 2 First Print Edition exclusive to Game in the UK.

The First Print Edition costs £59.99 and is limited to 15,300 units. I wanted this as soon as it was announced and luckily I manage to secured mine before it was sold out! o(≧∇≦o) I’m sure it’s common knowledge by now (If you’ve been following me) that I am a sucker for game in physical release!

It was also my 1st time shopping with Game.co.uk! I know about the shop for a long time, but never use to because the games usually cost more than the other online shop I use. I have some problem with the payment at first. Since I was originally plan to pay with Paypal, but my partner placed the order with his card and the Customer Services wasn’t really a big help at all. It was so confusing and we felt like talking to a none english speaker, which make it very frustrating!
In the end, we moved paypal money to our bank and payed it.

The package was a bit crashed on one corner, but the item inside was fine, no damage. Thanks for using a big box! When it arrive at post office, it costed me another  $44/€35/£28 for tax T_T I could almost buy another game with that *sob*

The box shaped like the Book of Angels, the in-game tome that details the Hierarchy of Laguna. It’s make of hard cardboard and feel very sturdy.

This lovely box contains both games in their own game cases, with a small art book glued the packaging itself. The cover art for the first game mirroring the original Japanese art from the original release. Which I liked a lot more than the Western cover. It also match with the 2nd cover, both in blue ♥

I notice that Bayonetta is rated with USK 18 while Bayonetta 2 was rated with USK 16 ? o_o Weird…