Update | September channel update!

Hello everyone!
This time I’m not gonna unbox anything here, but give you a small update was going on instead. If you are following me and subscribe to my Youtube Channel, you’ll notice that I make bunch of new playlist and uploaded many part 1 of different projects.
I was hesitate do upload so many project at the same time at first. But decide to do it anyway, keeping myself from forgetting to upload them later. Since some of the project was finished many months ago… some are still on run. 2 of the project was quite short, but if I have to wait for one of the other project to finish first, it’s gonna take a few more months before I can upload them xD

Phantasy Star Universe

A games that I want to make videos for a very long time! It brings back memories!! :0

How to Survive

Know about this game since it was release on Steam. But decide to wait since I wanted to play it together with my partner. We started and finish this in 2 days during the summer vocation :D The game is quite short, not really much story. But it was actually fun as long it lasted ;D

Dead Nation

Got this for free on PSN when Sony was giving them as free download because of the error with PSN. I played this once before, so this wasn’t really blind comparing to other games I played. I like the music in this game and it can be played as local offline co-op.

Toukiden : The Age of Demons

I been having the Japanese version laying in shelves since it was release. But never actually started to play it until I bought the English version years later. When I trying out the Demo from Toukiden Kiwami, I was planning to start this right after. But than I saw someone I known on Youtube decided to suddenly start with this game too, even though the person stopped to play it  and removed the old videos months ago. For some weird reason, that person start playing the games after I uploaded the Demos videos from Kiwami =_= So I waited… yea…

超次元アクション ネプテューヌU

Just got this game quite recently, it plays a lot like the Koei warriors series, which I am a fan of the series since Dynasty Warriors 2. I’m also quite a fan of the Neptune series since I first saw the Japanese version of the 1st game ^_^ I couldn’t possibly not playing this… right? :D

Hyrule Warriors

This is one of the most recent games I got, and the 2nd project right now where I’m actually playing a new release games! While everyone bought this because of the character in Zelda universe… I bought this because it was a Koei game :P I love Zelda, but I love Koei Warriors series more! XD No way I’m walk away from this :D

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The last new project! This is a MMORPG! Since I was done with Secret World few months ago, and since ARR was release. I’ve been consider to go back and give FFXIV a try again~ But my partner wasn’t really in the mood to try FFXIV after the failed 1.0 release. It took many many months before we decide.. let try it! On a free weekend events :D I’m not playing this everyday, but when ever I feels like it. So the videos might stop at some point- Right now, I have lot’s of videos to upload!!!

And in case you wonder why I upload so very rarely, that’s because most of the time I was streaming on my Twitch channel! XD