Unboxing | Tales of Xillia 2 Day One Edition (EU)

I’m back again with another unbox post! This one suppose to be done last week, but I manage to keep delay it XD First I forgot that the picture was still on my camera and than I was too tired this week to do anything productive (; ̄ェ ̄)

This was pre-ordered at Shopto.net. I use no tracking shipping and it arrive without any damage. Shipping didn’t take long either, since my Shopto items rarely stuck at the customs office <( ̄︶ ̄)>

☆.。.:*・°☆ Shopto.net ☆.。.:*・°☆

The Europe Day One Edition is coming with/as a steel box. I’m personally not a big fan of steel box because they standing out too much in the shelf. Thankfully, this steel box size is the same as normal PS3 game box! Which is what I love! Around the steel box is see through hard plastic.

Inside the box are 2 disc. Left is the PS3 game, right is the Original soundtrack. The soundtrack contain 15 track from the game. Not a full OST, but still contain more track than some of the “Edition” OST out there.

★ Tracklist ★

1.  Tales of Xillia 2
2.  Peaceful Evindence
3.  Keep pushing, until the sword is exhausted
4. Elle is Elle
5. The bridge that leads the World
6. World Wide Bussiness Clanspia Inc.
7. He who protects his land
8. Food is part of a Culture
9. Splendid Dance Performance of a Splrit
10. Betting on the Last Guide
11. The proof discovered in the end of sadness
12. The Land of Cannan
13. Following one’s own purpose
14. Let’s Fulfill this Wish
15. Proof of Choice

Sadly, game manual is none color as most western release. My copy of the manual are in English, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish. It only contain 1 single page about Character information, Setting up, Map Controls, Battle Controls and Warranty. No full details like the Japanese version.

If you been following me for sometimes, specially because of the unbox videos I make. You might wondering why I decide to go for the Day One Edition this time, instead of the Collector’s Edition…? Well… I can’t afford it, lol. Not with so many release during September v_v

• Japanese Title : テイルズオブエクシリア 2 (Teiruzu obu Ekushiria Tsu)
• English Title : Tales of Xillia 2
• Platform(s) : Playstation 3
• Developer(s) : Namco Tales Studio
• Publisher(s) : Namco Bandai
• Genre(s) : Console role-playing
• Mode(s) : Single-player, Multiplayer
• Release date(s) : [JP] November 1, 2012 [NA] August 19, 2014 [EU] August 22, 2014

•♥♥♥• If you like the game, please support the developer and buy it! •♥♥♥•