Youtube | Copyright Strike “again”

Well well… there is no year where we won’t get at least one Copyright Strike on Youtube!
And somehow… it’s always a stupid DEMO or Intro/Opening!? When its come to Demo… It’s not like we can’t just go online and download it directly. Anyway, I usually upload Japanese Demo because in the hope that those games would get notice in the west and we might get a release date too. But NAH! They give us a Strike and Remove the videos instead!!! Because it show the SAME footage in the upcoming FULL VERSION! s(・`ヘ´・;) How about you just don’t show us the story in Demo’s at all? And Intro? They upload it themself 300 times on the internet, can be see anywhere but they still give you a strike anyway just to piss you off.

At least all 5 videos was counted as 1 single strike, so my account is still “OK”. Unless I suddenly get hit by another stupid strike again. I’m actually more surprise that it will expires after 6 months. Yet I still prefer how Dailymotion handle copyright… they just remove the videos and than its gone – done! So yeah… Youtube Copyright have always been a stupidly annoying things.

I wish they would handle these things differently. Instead of giving you strike because of a complain… (Which could be a fake claim too?). How about send us (youtuber) a mail or a notice about the complain and let us remove the videos our-self for a limited time? But no, too complicated for a big organisation such as Youtube.  凸(`△´+)

Some channels get permission to upload and still get a strike because of Youtube stupid copyright systems! (;¬_¬)

I always feel bad for everyone that making FMV or AMV. They have a really hard times on Youtube because of music or the footage. They push away people creativity and claim that we have no rights to use their works. Go so far that they would even block a videos where a “song” quietly play in the background, even though our own face is huge on the screen… How about we sue you for trying to “claim” our faces? Really annoys me every time I think about it.

Sorry about the rant! m(._.)m