Unboxing | Motto! SoniComi Limited Edition

Yay! Another Unbox post that was suppose to be posted weeks ago! HAHA…
And this time is モット! ソニコミ or Motto! SoniComi Limited Edition. It was pre-ordered at Amiami.com.

☆.。.:*・°☆ Amiami.com ☆.。.:*・°☆

I ordered it right after it was announce but saw it later that AmiAmi release their own pre-order bonus version (with a Wallscolls)… sadly you can’t cancel order in Amiami, so I’m stuck with the “normal” Limited Edition, lol. Make sure if you ever want to pre-order something from AmiAmi, you really want the items and already saved money to pay it.

Limited Edition
PS3 Game Software

[Set Contents]
-Main game software
[Limited Edition Bonus]
-Chibi KyunChara “motto! sonicomi” bikini ver.
-“Motto! sonicomi” bikini ver. costume download code
-Double sided pillow cover (appx. 550 x 350mm)
[First Release Pre-order Bonus]
-Santa Tsuji designed “sweet fairy tail” costume DLC

If you ever own Catherine (PS3/Xbox360) US Limited Edition, the box are around the same size.

I think the game box itself is the same as the Normal Edition, but since I don’t have the Normal version of it… I can’t show you if they really looks different.

The disc have a nice print on it. It’s the same picture on the Manual of the game.

Now come the reason why I decide to buy the Limited Edition…



As you can see, she isn’t that tall nor big. Almost 7cm, not much bigger than a Nendoroid figures that come in sets.

Last picture is the pillow case printed with Super Sonico on both side. Very good quality print, yet I would recommend to hand-wash it – if it’s ever get dirty!

There are also 3 DLC codes in the box, but I only took 2 picture of it. (」゜ロ゜)」

• Japanese Title : モット! ソニコミ
• English Title : Motto! SoniComi
• Platform : Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3
• Developer : Nitroplus
• Publisher : Nitroplus, Enterbrain
• Genre(s) : Visual novel
• Mode(s) : Single player
• Release date (Japan) : November 25, 2011 (Microsoft Windows); March 20, 2014 (PS3)