The Legend of Heroes SEN NO KISEKI 【Trial Ver.】

The game takes place at the same time frame as Zero and Ao no Kiseki in the Erebonian Empire. Players who played the aforementioned prequels will be able to notice the overarching plot concerning the Kiseki series, such as the formation of the “that police unit” in Crossbell state and the conference between the three countries a few month after amongst other tidbits. The game’s plot is centered around the newly formed special class “Class VII” in Thors Military Academy, composed of both aristocrats and normal Erebonian citizens. Class VII is the only class in the entire academy that does not segregate the two different social classes. The game follows Class VII throughout their school year, mainly around the times when Class VII receive special field training that takes them all over Erebonia. Throughout their training across Erebonia, Class VII matures and casts aside their preconceptions of the two social classes as well witness first hand the reality of empire; The power struggle between the aristocracy led by the four noble houses, and the working class reformists led by Steel Blooded Chancellor Osborne which threatens to lead to a civil war. The story comes to a climax with the attempted assassination of Osbourne by the terrorist C who turns out to be the Thors student Crow, and a coup by the aristocracy, and ends on a cliffhanger leading to the sequel, [Sen no Kiseki II].

• Japanese Title : 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡 (Eiyū Densetsu Sen no Kiseki)
• English Title : The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki
• Platform : PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
• Developer : Nihon Falcom
• Publisher : Nihon Falcom
• Genre(s) : RPG
• Mode(s) : Single-player
• Release date : [JP] September 26, 2013

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