Unboxing : Child of Light Deluxe Edition

Hello, it’s been awhile and welcome back to read another Unbox from me! As usual, it will be image heavy post like before :D

I bought this after the game already release and got mine from Shopto.net Shopto.net is a UK website located in UK that selling Video Games, both Physical and Digital. Electronic stuff that have something to do with Gaming and music CDs. It wasn’t the first time I use their service and I never have any problem so far. I usually use slow shipping with no tracking, because I don’t really want to spend much money on shipping, when I never actually check the tracking anyway.

☆ Shopto.net ☆

Child of Light Deluxe Edition Includes:
► A Digital, Cross-Buy, Version of the game for PC
► An exclusive A2 Poster designed by Yoshitaka Amano.
► A 24 page art book with unrevealed Ark work.
► Two bonus digital content packs – Dark Aurora and Golem.
► An Igniculus key ring
► No disc in box
► Will Require uPlay account to activate

The packed came a little damage, nothing ripped, just a little pressed together. It didn’t damage anything that was inside the box, which is a good thing. Game is download only, so you won’t be getting any disc.

The Igniculus key ring is very well make and very cute :3 But I find it weird that it’s upside down, lol. When you think about how a key ring hang in your keys thingy~

And as mention before, the game is download only. You would need to have a Uplay account to register and download the game. I kinda wish it was a steam code rather than Uplay… but well, you still can buy the game on Steam of course. The Deluxe Edition came with 2 DLC code. I haven’t play the game yet, so I can’t show you how it looks in the game. I will have playthrough of this at some point.

It also come with a small artbook. Paper feel and looks like aquarelle paper. It have beautiful art work inside, sadly I didn’t take any picture from inside because I originally plan to do a video of it.

Last items in the box is this beautiful A2 (59,5 x 42 cm) poster designed by Yoshitaka Amano. I’m still looking for a frame so I can hang this somewhere in the house ! *-*

And we are at the end of this post. Thank you so much for reading and giving this post some love <3 I’m gonna leave some links here where you can buy the game! See you in the next post!

☆ Buy it from Uplay ☆

☆ Buy it from Steam or download the Demo ☆

☆ Buy it from Shopto.net (EU PC version) ☆

☆ Buy it from Shopto.net (EU PS4 version, also work with PS3) ☆

This isn’t a sponsor post. The items was bought with my own money.