Unboxing : Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Limited Edition (Europe ver.)

Hello! Back to another Gaming related unbox and lot’s of pictures! (๑・‿・๑)
I’m writing this in middle of the night, so hopefully it won’t be too much error, lol (ʳ ´º㉨º)ʳ

I already own the Japanese version sometime ago, but never actually finish the playthrough on Youtube due to my PS3 blue-ray driver has died. It’s now fix though… but since I use my other PS3 to play Drag-on Dragoon 3 (Drakengard 3) right now and want to at least reach ending C. I decide to not play FFX, also because I reach to the point that I didn’t liked that much, it kinda keep me off the game ( •́ ₃ •̀) I will go back to make more videos eventually, so please be patient with me V_V

I finish playing both FFX and FFX-2 back when it release on PS2. So they aren’t really new to me, not even the “never before release content!” are new to me, lol Because I played both NTSC-J and PAL version before. That’s is why I’m so extremely slow on my playthrough.

The the game is warp in a paper box with a beautiful 3D version of a old artwork. I personally really liked how it look and that they keep the game box white like most of the previous release Final Fantasy games. Here is two more picture of the box.

The game box itself looks almost the same as the Japanese version. Even the back cover is almost identical, except the part with “First Printed Edition Bonus” that isn’t on the Japanese version. Though I liked the screenshot choice on the JP version more. Because there are 2 battle screenshot (1 for FFX and the 2nd for FFX-2) while the Europe box only contain cutscene screenshot.

Here are also some direct comparison between the 2 box. Left is the Japanese version, right is the European version.

With all the similarity, yet for me… the JP version win again with the packaging! The inside is actually printed with a picture of Yuna and Tidus! While we in EU get a blank white paper! lol.

This time, I do like how both game disc look. Japanese on the left – EU on the right. Seems like Japan are really loving the new 3D artwork, ’cause it’s everywhere! I love it too, so I didn’t mind it being everywhere, lol.

First Print Edition came with the Lightning Return garb DLC  “Spira’s Summoner”, same as the Japanese version! The product registration card are in all the box, no matter if you got the First Print Edition or not. I just included it in the picture anyway, hehe. And no! They aren’t blank and have no code, lol! I remove them from the picture ;D After all, they are my codes and I’m not planning to share it with the world, Imao.

I didn’t have any picture of the handbook, but you can see it on my Unbox video! Sadly like most English release, the book is in black and white, and only contain a few pages information about the control from the game. While the Japanese version in completely in color and almost 10x time as thick!

Last picture is the Artbook. I don’t really like to call it a Artbook though… like all the other EU Limited Edition release, the what they so call “Artbook” are usually only a small size book with very less Artwork we have been seeing all over the internet for years. I’m not gonna complain about the paper quality though! They are make of high quality gross paper and feels nice to touch.

That are all the picture I have, but I have to say that the package aren’t really giving you any special feeling about it. While in US there is a Collector’s Edition with a “proper” Artbook, CDs and some post card. Sadly they are restricted to US resident only. You can only buy it from Square Enix Store and they doesn’t do international shipping nor do they have a EU store… Thank you, Square Enix… I guess that’s how much you care about EU gamers lately! Yes! I’m also implies this to Drakengard 3 EU release!  o(-`д´- 。)

Thank you so much to everybody that are reading this and giving these picture some love! There is also a Unboxing video on my Youtube Channel! ^_^

Cya in the next post! ♥♥♥


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