Japanese harajuku tights/pantyhose/stockings joint

Hiya! \(^o^)/

Soooo! Something totally different from what I would normally blog about! ღ(╹◡╹ღ) If you not into Asian/Japanese fashion, I suggest that you should stop reading! ( ̄^ ̄) Unless you are interested about my legs, than you can scroll down! LOL.

I’m gonna show some picture and talk about a super awesome looking tights/pantyhose/stockings that I recently bought on Ebay. It’s been quite popular among some blogger and tumblr user, and I been wanting this for a very long time. There are Storenvy Shops that are selling these also. But I decide to go back on Ebay like most of the time instead. (^_^;)

Japanese harajuku tights/pantyhose joint

Here is a picture of the item I bought.

ac_airin Ebay Store ☆

☆ Japanese harajuku tights/pantyhose joint  ☆

I order the item on 17.02.2014 and it arrive on 01.03.2014 (Norway post can be slow sometimes, so items might have reach Oslo few days before I receive my package) It was unopened and brand new, the item was well package and arrive with no damage. I didn’t take picture before I opened it, ’cause I was soooo excited for this tights/pantyhose/stockings! ((((;゜Д゜)))

Since I know that a lot of people are unsure if they get what they buy, I also put some picture of me wearing it.

Cool aren’t they!? \(///Σ///)\

【 Fit 】

Fit me perfectly and it seems to be able to stretch out more. I’m 160 cm, so it should fit anybody that are shorter than me or a little taller than me (listed on the item page that it’s suitable for 165 cm and below).

【Comfort 】

Nothing to complain about this. These tights/pantyhose/stockings are stretchy so they fit really well! They also are tight at the top so they don’t fall down.

【Look 】

Great looking tight that gonna make people turn around just to take a closer look! The print are very well printed on the tights/pantyhose/stockings and it thick enough that skin color doesn’t show while you wear it.

【Quality 】

Nothing to complain here either, no damage and was new as seller stated.

【Price & Shipping 】

I have been looking around on many online store that also selling this tights/pantyhose/stockings and the pricing is totally reasonable together with the shipping! Unless you’re going to buy this on Taoboa, I don’t think you can get it any cheaper anywhere else. Because most of the shops out there are selling this tights/pantyhose/stockings for the same price.

【Overall 】

I’m very satisfied with the items and the shipping. Everything went fast and no complication.

☆ ac_airin Ebay Store ☆

☆ Japanese harajuku tights/pantyhose joint  ☆

Thank you so much for reading this! My first none Gaming related post \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ Hope it was helpful for those that are interested to get one of these awesome tights/pantyhose/stockings!