Unboxing : Super Sonico Sweets & Bikini ver.

After long wait and all the delayed release date… It’s finally here! Was originally plan to write this blog last week, but I caught a cold and it make me having a hard time concentrate on writing anything at all.

Super Sonico Sweets & Bikini ver.

After the first time I saw the picture, I though “OHHH MY! I need this!” °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Here is a picture I took on the day the figure arrive in mail and still in the box (•‿•)

Super Sonico Sweets & Bikini ver. Box

This is my second Super Sonico figure and I’m totally loving the figures from her! <3 I wish I could have more figure, but sadly… they usually quite pricey. I would have to either choose to skip 1-2 games to buy 1 figure (´∩`。) But when I actually bough a figure, I never regret it!

Super Sonico Sweets & Bikini ver.

She isn’t that big, that’s because she is laying down. The detail is very nice and clear. The size of the figure is appx. 75 x 200mm. and is make of Non-phthalate PVC. It also comes with many small parts :

-Cat toy
-Cat x 2
-Cup & saucer
-Cloth Rug

It’s was a little hard to place her correctly on the pillow. A little shake could tip her off from it, lol. But other than that… it totally a lovely figure. The color from the figure is lighter than it was show on the original picture I saw. I do prefer it this way over the original showed color, this looks a lot closer to what Super Sonico would looks like.

There is also one more different I notice, Cloth Rug! It wasn’t showing on the original picture, but it actually listed as part of the figure.

Super Sonico Sweets & Bikini ver.

Sorry I didn’t have a real close up picture, my camera lens aren’t really make for close up shot at all (。┰ω┰。) Talk about shipping! It was super fast this time! (」゜ロ゜)」It only took 3 days after Amiami send me the e-mail that they have shipped the figure! I was totally in shock, lol. Right now they still have the figure in stock. So if you want to own one of these, you should go and buy one! I’m gonna list the links below (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

☆ AmiAmi ☆
☆ Super Sonico Sweets & Bikini ver. Complete figure ☆

Thanks for reading! I plan to blogging more often, also about other stuff outside of Gaming! So please don’t get shocked when you see post that doesn’t have much to do with Gaming. I mean, this post doesn’t have much to do with gaming either, since Super Sonico isn’t really a game character, but rather a mascot belonging to game software company Nitroplus. She does have games nowdays, but actually started as a mascot ^^