Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet 「Playthrough」

I recently just finish with this and I have to say… I don’t like this game XD It’s not like other Frogware Sherlock Holmes games, but rather a Hidden Object games that exist on Bigfish website. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that Bigfish was also the one that actually developed this game. It swing between very easy to very frustrating moment, lol. By some puzzle (Usually random generated puzzle) I wouldn’t even call it puzzle, cause you have to guess the answer and hope you have a lucky hand at start. I don’t mind random generated puzzle, but when you have to guess in the begin of the puzzle, that’s more like playing bingo! LOL

Sadly the puzzle feels like that just got paste in the game for brain training, rather than actually have some connection to the story. And if you have played the other Sherlock Holmes adventure, many background and puzzle remind you to the already used puzzle on other games. I really try to enjoy this, but now I just dislike this game ~_~ I got this in a pack with other Sherlock Holmes games, if it were that the game was in the bundle… I would have never bought this stand alone! XD

The game isn’t that long, I should be able to finish upload them in the next few days ^^