Unboxing : Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Limited Edition (EU)

So, back with another unbox before I go sleep ^^ Today is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Limited Edition. I got this since Monday in my mail ^^ I just never came around to connect my camera to the PC, lol. Stupid me!

I think most of you wouldn’t know that I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan. I been fan of this game long before I start making videos on Youtube, it was around the time that the 1st game release and I played it the first time. I was at first quite skeptic about the mix of Disney and Square. But one of my school friend recommend it to me, so I give it a go after watching some trailer and read magazines! Yes, magazines! The time where internet was still totally overrated! HAHA! And since than I been fan of this series!

Cover Back




Box from the side

I honestly don’t know what to write, lol. It’s been very long time since I was truly playing this game intensively. And since I already have so many other games I want to play and never played before, I will prefer to play games I haven’t play first, unless I really feels like starting it ^^” I will most likely still make videos for the 358/2 Days, since I already record and upload the Japanese version and it looks stupid to only have the Japanese version on my Channel :D

I do not know if you all think the same as I do, but I think that what we so called “Limited Edition” here is kinda sloppy make D: A small book…? I rather have a real plastic case for the disc and the book separate :[

And at the end, not complete without a videos! XD There will be unbox blog too without videos, lol.