Unboxing: Megurine Luka (Tony ver.)

Soooo, hello to everyone that are reading my blog! I decide to write a little about this because I think this blog need more update! :D … mhm… I don’t really know what to write though, lol.

Yes, she is standing on a cookie box (ケ¬◟¬)ケ

I just open this on 13 May 2013. It actually arrive since Tuesday the week before, but I didn’t have money to pick it up from post office and there was holiday between too (´∀`)

My favorite close up shot ღ(╹◡╹ღ)

I been wanting this since I saw it the first time! Me and my husband both love Tony Taka artwork and I love vocaloid. There was a Hatsune Miku from Tony ver. too, but I think that Luka figure look far prettier (。♥‿♥。) After looking around the web and finally find one that wasn’t too expensive, it still took me quite a few day to decide “want or not”. So my husband just press to buy button and bought it, lol.

The detail on the figure is great! I never have a figure that was make my Max Factory, so this was kinda my first ever. She’s a little taller that my last figure Milla from ToX. ◕‿◕