Update: New GPU!!

Weeeeee! I just got surprise by my husband today! With a brand new gpu: Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN *o* I have to say… I didn’t expected this!!! I wanting a new gpu for awhile and was original plan to upgrade it in the summer. It was either GTX 680 in SLI or single Titan.

My husband just decided to go out and order one, lol ヽ(´▽`)/ He told me that he plan to secretly install it in my computer, but that plan have failed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So I got to install it myself, I tested a few games (Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite all on ultra/max setting) with this and I just LOVE it!! (‐^▽^‐) And before you going to comment about my old gpu’s, they are still in use. My husband going to use that on his computer. Now he can play most of the games on higher setting with me :D

I actually film myself install it too, but batteries from my second cam was empty.. when I was going to edit the videos and I couldn’t find the charger either. So it ends up only with those videos that I put together ._. I speed things up here and there, like the part where I was looking for driver and so on, Window was starting at the normal speed though, haha. AND I’m very sorry that it was so out of focus later in the video. I was very un-concentrate ’cause my stomach pain (;*´Д`) and somehow manage to mess up the focus on my cam..

Tomb Rider 60 fps on Ultra setting, didn’t even manage that on 570 in SLI on high setting, LOL.

You would probably ask why I got Gigabyte version. Because it was 100$ cheaper than the EVGA (Signature & Overclocked was around 230$ more) which I original wanted and it do the “same thing” anyway. And you who going to tell me to get AMD Radeon. Unless you only play video games, which I don’t (You should have notice that, if you know what I’m doing on my Youtube channel) and prefer Nvidia cards over AMD. Before you going to call me a “fanboy/girl”, I use to have AMD cards before on 2 different PC long before I own a Nvidia card and I disliked it. So it’s kinda my own preferences.