Unboxing – Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine Edition (JP ver.)

Hello, it’s been awhile!

Today, I’m gonna talk… I mean write a little about Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine Edition!

As you might know, I already have this game before and it was the Asia first print edition. The one I’m unbox here is the Japanese version which just re-release at valentine this year. It come with some extra stuff on the DVD.

Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine Edition Cover

The game itself is identical as the Asia version, with english VA if your PS3 language is set on English. There are also 2 Japanese VA option if you change your console to Japanese language before starting the game. It also including KIRAKIRA & ZAKUZAKU version of the game no matter which language setting you have. If you own the Asia version before like I do, the save game is working on both version.

I will do the japanese VA videos someday, don’t really know when though, lol. Enjoy the endless Lollipop XD

[Set Contents]
Disc-1 [Douka uketotte kudasai] “Happy Valentine Disc” (Original desktop clock, PC wallpaper collection)
Disc-2 [Watashi no subete wo misete ageru] “Premium Movie Disc” (“LOLIPOP CHAINSAW” W cast in game movie collection, promotion movie library collection)
-Special booklet: Valentine commemoration original manga
-Fukkoku edition perfect unlock code
-Limited original illustration sleeve
-PS3 game software “LOLIPOP CHAINSAW PREMIUM EDITION (Kadokawa games collection)”