Pre-order ToX2 from play-asia, no Bonus Noval book?

It’s already over 1 months now since ToX2 release in Japan, and it’s been exactly 1 months since I got my copy of the game. If you have follow me on Facebook, I have wrote there that I was very unhappy that I didn’t got the pre-order noval as it suppose to be. Even though I pre-order and pay on 31 July 2012. And it’s actually also the first time I got so pissed by a e-mail from

Here is the e-mail they send me:
“Please note Japanese preorder bonus are for first come first serve only, we did not reveived all the bonus to fulfill all the preorder for the Japanese version game, since we cannot gurantee the bonus and for that we never stated this on our product page as well.”

WOW!!! REALLY!? They fucking think that I’m that stupid? I been checking all over the internet before I send them a message and see bunch of people complain about not getting preorder bonus for the japanese version, while everybody that preorder Asia version of the game got the noval?! (Even order 2 days before release got it too) The best part is… the novel was fully in Japanese “only”!

So, I understand that it’s “first come first serve”. Now come a even more interesting stuff I found on the internet. I found someone that actually order Japanese version (from play-asia) in August and pay it in October, and this person got the FREAKING BOOK?!?! Since when did August come before July???? Can someone actually tell me this?

You guys probably think “why you get so mad? It’s just a preorder noval.” Yes, I wouldn’t not be that piss if it just because of that. But to be treat like a dumb idiot as costumers (over 5 years shopping support) and get this in the face, you would be angry too, specially if you were a collector’s and collecting these kind of stuff. That Noval actually cost 40 USD on ebay now!? So who going to pay me that book? No one!

And one more reason for me to be upset, they don’t explain your anything, no e-mails or any other many way to message costumers, until your drag answer out of their nose? Is that how you suppose to treat your costumers?

Would you be piss and annoyed too, if you were me?


My husband was very upset too, so instead of me, it was him that write back to play-asia. And the answer we got was: They got plenty of preorder bonus for Asia version, but not for the Japanese version.

Hmmm… how come I found someone that order it on August and got preorder bonus, while I don’t even I order&pay before? AND I’m talking about the Japanese version!


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  1. Completely agree with you Anny. This is unacceptable. They shouldn’t treat anyone like that. You have every right to be angry at them.

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