People are hating on Japan because they dislike J-RPG..?

I haven’t wrote anything on blog for quite sometime, because I was very busy with my life outside the internet/web. I originally wanted to write this in a short post on my facebook, but decided it would be better to write here, because I can write as much I want.

Today, Gamespot uploaded a few videos from a new release game Atelier Ayesha (in Japan & Asia region). I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed that GameSpot upload videos from Atelier Ayesha on Youtube… Because there are so many D**k head trolls talking shit about a game they never played, or just dislike JRPG, complaining that it’s too pussy and tranny. Or even starting to troll other user with their nonsense comments.

There was one person (I check on this user page and seem he to be a guy.) even wrote “THE TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE SHOULD HAVE WIPED THEM OUT”… by that, this person mean Japan. I wonder if he came out the wrong hole from his mum and brain is working completely wrong, apparently this person is 30+ !? I wonder if this person even ashamed of himself to say these kind of things, wishing thousand of innocents people and loving family to died just because he dislike japan? I don’t like to say this.. but this guy parents must be heartbroken to know, that their kids turns out to be a fucking racist asshole on the inter-web.

This was his original post, before he remove it “Nobody gives a fuck about the japanese characters, hell take those shits out of the game. THIS IS AMERICA! PS3 IS AMERICA! SONY IS AMERICA! FUCK JAPANESE SHIT NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THEM. THE TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE SHOULD HAVE WIPED THEM OUT. and dont tell me to shut up, i have my 1st amendment”

I laugh so hard when I read “PS3 IS AMERICA! SONY IS AMERICA!” This is most idiotic comment I read this month, lol. He really need to go back and learn how search for correct information. Because Sony is a real Japanese Console, just like Nintendo. If he want to talk about american console, please go and play the Xbox/Xbox 360.

There was also quite a lot of comment that talking about disliking Japanese RPG for what ever personal reason. But still watch a japanese game trailer, make very much sense?

Some even start with console fanboy, which is getting old these days. Most people have more than just one console, and all of them have good and bad things. Just because you can’t afford it and dislike it, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Some arguing with “This game is a rip-off!” I actually wonder which game isn’t in a some way of what so call “rip-off” today? All the games are kinda the same, originality is running out long time ago. We are all copying each other in some way, accept it :)


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