Writing a blog posts calm me down…

I’m getting piss very easy lately, but than again, I don’t really wonder why it was like that. It’s been over a year and 5 months since I open a new Gaming channel (after my old one got copyrighted and remove). My Youtube channel have grow bigger everyday, more people like me. At the same time, more people dislike or even hate me. Because I am what I am.

I do not like to just sit back and read what people write to me without write back. Either the bad things, or asking question that have already been answered 1000 of times (I answer it, sometime). Before, I try to be friendly as far as I can, but at some point, I just want to say “f**k you, leave me and my channel alone”. After all, it is my channel, I have the right to defends myself/videos/description/channel. I never go to other people videos or channel to write bad things about them either.

And it shows me again, how A-sshole some people can be on Youtube. I recently uploaded a videos. Well, more like imported, because if was original on TwitchTV as live recorded video. I want to make my viewer have it easier going through the video, because there been so many pause between almost every battle. Also for people that didn’t got a chance to join the stream or didn’t even know about the stream.
Guess what? It attract haters and trolls of course.

Extra wrote every importan info that I can remember, just so that people know why the video wasn’t edit. People watching my videos, expect me to be nice to everybody. Hello!? Am I a saint? I don’t think so.

I also love that some people put there nose into other peoples problem. I was arguing with someone (everythings are fine again now), and this other random user have to jump in? Was that his/her problem.

“Though I do find it funny how people love to take offense to people who do not concern themselves with trivial matters considering your gender does ‘not’ matter over the internet. I do find it amusing how a person(like you) who can barely (Grammar Nazi incoming) speak proper English to convey their own feelings(“English isn’t my first language excuse incoming”) is making conclusions on the human mind’s complexity when they aren’t even intelligent enough to grasp simple elementary concepts.”

Really? Gender does “not” matter on the internet? How come almost every f**king page ask me what gender I am, when I want to register? Ohh.. and it very amusing how half of the world can barely speak/write proper english, you dumb F**k. Did you know that when you’re trying to convey your feelings, any language are possible? This person being racist, it’s not even funny anymore. And This comment have nothing to do with the video, I’m happily welcome this A-hole on my Blocked User list.

My own opinion of course, but I have to say, I hate these kind of people. Come on my channel, offence me, and expect me to sit back and enjoy it? What world are you live in? Mars?

Sometime, (Actually all the time) I feel that people want to see me being “perfect”. But there is no perfection in this world, and I’m far away from being perfect.

Either love or hate, nothing are really between there.

After writing this, it makes me feel a bit better again. Sorry if I’m sound so mad here. But keeping everything to myself, would just make me unhappy. I don’t want these trolls and haters get to me, but it is easy to say and hard to do. Specially when you need to dealing with these people almost every day.


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