3 unboxing videos on the same day!

Well, 2 of them are actualy old unbox videos :D I was just too lazy to edit them, but it would be stupid if I upload the newes one before I upload the old videos. So, I decide to upload all 3 today, because I rarely go online on my second account.

The first video I uploaded is Batman Arkham City. The game release quite sometime ago, but I didn’t have money to buy it until last month. I could ofcouse bought the regular version, but I really want that Batman figur! *_* There was no way to go around it if I wanted the figur XD

I already finish it one time, it was a blind play with lots of fail moment, but I have lot of fun with it. I have never finish the first Batman, but I does played it a little bit. Can’t really tell you guys if it’s really much better than the first one, because I never finish it. This game is very cool, specially, I can finally play as Catwomen! Woot! XD

From what I have played from the first Batman, and after finish Batman Arkham City. I think the game was very good. It’s actualy remind me to Assassin Creed o_o

The second unboxing video that I uploaded today is… Catherine! This time is the US version. I actualy waited and wanted to see how the UK/EU version will be. If the EU version was only the game, I wouldn’t bought it. But even after I saw it, I still decide to get the Love is Over edition from US instead. The Pillow cases was the reason for me to buy! XD

As you may know, I already own the japanese version. I too busy with other games I’m currently playing, but I do plan to upload a playthrough one day :D

The last unbox today was a brand new game I got today in my mailbox. I still need to play the first RoAW, since I original bought that game for my husband, I never really played it myself ^^; Don’t know what to write about this before I play it.. XD

I’m currently playing mainly Atelier Meruru japanese version, and sometime The Last Story when I feels like I need to play something else. I also want to start playing Mass Effect, but that game going to take lots of times to play, I wonder when I should try to start with it.. o_o

Ah well, see you guys on my next spam blog! XD