January Update

Hihi, to people that actualy read my blog.

I haven’t write anything for few weeks, even through I been busy with recording. So I though, this mind be a good time to write something? I finished quite a few Point & Klick Adventure games since my last blog. As you guys know, back in december, I was streaming FFXIII-2. Now I have finish the games from start til last boss fight second time, this time I recording almost everything I did. They will be uploaded on Youtube and Dailymotion of couse.

While I was render some videos, I also played some Point & Klick games as I mention before. I have finish playin/record; Art of Murder 2: The Hunt for the Puppeteer, Art of Murder 3 Cards of Destiny, The Book of Unwritten Tales, and lately Grey Matter. Right now, I’m currenlty replaying Grey Matter in German, since the original voice over is german, and I have no problem understand german; and it also help me reflash my german at the same time, since I moved away from germany.

I will write more detail about the games I have played as soon as I have start to upload them :)

Lately, I only update small thing on my Facebook. Since I’m not writing a super long text right I’m doing right now, it’s no point to write a post for two sentences, right? XD I’m so sleepy right now… I haven’t been manage to sleep normally lately, either I keep waking up the whole night, or I doesn’t sleep at all. I hope it will gets better soon.

I try to write something more interesting next time, now I’m too sleepy to even think… x_x