So many hate already, even before playing the game?

I’m talking about Final Fantasy XIII-2;

And yes… It really looks that way, because so many people was dissapointed at FFXIII and keep sayin that FFVII is the best. Sorry, but I’m not a big fan from FFVII (and probably never will either), and every Final Fantasy is a different games; You like one, you may hate the others. That how lives is; you can’t make everyone happy, so can’t Square-Enix.

I do like all the Final Fantasy’s, some more, some less. There is even some of them, that I never try to finish it. But one thing I do not understand; why are people hating on a game they haven’t even play it themself, just watching someone’s videos or live stream? Or why you hating a game, when you don’t want to buy and play it anyway? You really have nothing better to do?

Fans from Lightning (FFXIII) is completely sunk deep under the deepest ocean, because she was only in the Prologe of FFXIII-2 and in some laters cutscenes. That they even put her in the prologe, when the new story is about Serah and Noel, ever think of that? Why no ones asking about Fang and Vanille either, when apperently her fanbase is almost as big as Lightning, or maybe even bigger?

I do not understand what is the problem to put Serah as the main character in FFXIII-2 instead of Lightning and the old cast. I think the other have done eoungh to save the world, how about letting someone else try it too. I mean, you not have the same president for the rest of you lives either, isn’t that the same thing?

People complain, when things are always the same; People complain, when things change. Live changing too, you whole live change, why don’t you complain about you own live? Video games is video games, either you love it or hate it. But why sit there and complain about something you dislike, instead of doing something you like?

I remember the time that FFX-2 release. So many hates on the game, and what? Now they sit and write about the game being good afterall? So, how about play FFXIII-2 first, before you judge. And last thing, no one force to to buy it, it’s your own decision.