1st December and we soon have Christmas again!?

This year goes so fast for me. It’s like I just went sleep and the year is almost over again XD So many things happen during this year, mostly good offcourse.

9 more day and my Youtube channel is 1 years old ^^ It’s actualy my second gaming channel, I lost my first one on purpose LOL By uploading copyrighted stuff :P It wasn’t that many subber, it almost reach 1000. But I don’t think that I wanted to do the same thing again. I’m quite happy with my current channel, even without begin in a Parter program.

I still have so many videos to upload… And I wanted to finish record Final Fantasy XIII before the next game release. Which I doubt that I will accomplish what I planned -_- Currently I trying to edit Dynasty Warriors 7 Event Cutscene, which I recorded months ago. Through there is still some new costumes I wanted to record too :D

And I make some mistake while I render Dungeon Siege III videos… I acidently deleted few videos and could not restore them anymore. It wasn’t much that was gone, so you didn’t really missed much. But it still bother me and kind of piss me off too. Since its not the first time that this happen to me XD Can’t change it anymore, so we have to live with it :P