I’m Youtube Partner! :D

Finally some good new from my channel :D Unlike usual with hate and trolls.. through there was few people that coming with stupid comments, but I go into detail later. Weeks ago, I got mail from someone asking me if I want partnership with them. And after lot’s of reading and few klicks, I got my partnership yesterday! ^_^

I know that lots of people only want partnership to make money through Adsense. But I’m not really interested in the money at all.. I more interest in the stuff you can do as a partner (Banner, Brandings option, Picture of your choice in every videos). I always wonder why not everyone can have the same setting on their youtube page and videos. Giving people to have more creative on their videos setting. But no one knows, except Google and Youtube.

I’m still testing around with the background. With the changes to get banner, I have no clue right now how to make my background looks good and what should be on my background. I been looking alot around other people channels and mostly, they get their background make by someone and keep it like that for lifetime. I want to change my background as offen like I use to do. And I tends to dislike character from different games come on the same background… So.. I need sometimes to think =3

I mention early that I got stupid comments again. This time is about my videos from Black Rock Shooter THE GAME. Someone complain that my videos is too dark and telling me about his PC screen spec… Do I really care what PC screen spec you have? Do you every read that on everypage that selling something in colour also mention that it could looks different depents on what screen configuration you have? And than this person tells me about “60 Frame per second”… You really mean it? FPS??? In brightness setting? To what school did you went? -_- And even mention that his screen is 1080p… Do I care what fucking screen you have on your table (if you even have one..)? Telling me to change brightness setting on PSP LOL!? Do you have a PSP at home, smartass!?  Even telling me to get my eyes check, for my own benefit? XD lol, I already checked my eyes awhile ago and my eyes is fine. Maybe it’s you that need to go doctor and get your damn eyes checked!?

In the end, I just say good day and welcome to my block list. But as if it isn’t funny eoungh.. someone have to write “hes not bragging hes just giving you facts about his screen (ive got the same one) both of u stop arguing” Can you actualy read? Or do I need to read it for you? The argue already ended after -> BLOCK. Can read this or do I need to write it bigger? And I do not ask for any facts here, why the hell you telling me “facts” when no one even care about it!? “He’s not bragging..” as long as he push that what so call “facts” on my face, it’s count as bragging. They talking like they know what screen I have, what screen I use. Kids… go back to mummy and grow some balls. And stop telling other what you have and use, because no one’s give a shit about it.

The last comment was “im not gona argue. just saying. you both shouldnt argue. the end. dont reply. this is dead.” … Oh gosh… It already dead before he even write… Is this person really that dumb or just pretend to be dumb? -_-

I’m not even allow to argue with people on my own videos/channel? You come on my channel and insult something to someone, and I should sit back and enjoy? Than you think very wrong.