Don’t you hate people that think they know better?

Lately, there been so much of these “I know better what you should do” comments on my inbox. It’s extremely annoying.. Good for you, if you think you know better. But do you really know what you are talking about at all? Ever read and thinking about what shit are you writing? I guess not?

Usualy, these kind of things not really bother me. Either I answer dumb comments with dumb answer, or I just ignor them and they come in my famous block list. But to tell the true, would it not piss you one day? I mean, you have 10 comments in your inbox and 6 of them is troll comment?

There is few games playthrough on my youtube is the most popular by trolls and dumb kids. Why do you even complain when I actualy show you the game that you think it sucks? Atleast you didn’t bought it after my videos, and you still have the guts to write bullshit. No points to tell these people to grow up, since they have nothing to grow anymore, their brain already reach the limit by grow of maximum 3 centimeters inside there skull -_-