Why watching when you hate it?

This is probalby what I always thinking, when I read comments on some of my videos. You upload gaming – gameplay – playthrough – or even walkthrough, and than you get dumb comment from peoples that can’t even write probalby or have a broken keyboard because they write everything in big (broken caps button? -_-). Of couse not all the comment is bad and useless. There is prenty of people that writing nice things, which I’m thankfull for.

I’m not mad or sad or what ever emotion you get when you read those dumb comments. But this kind of bother me with question sometimes. Does these people even know that they can just close the explorer, or klick on other videos that they want to watch? But instead they keep watching and than even WASTE there own times to write a dumbass comment? I can’t and will probalby never understand these people.

And to let hater and trolls know, I have this amazing button name “Block” and I never hesitate to press on it.

Now let talk about other stuff. I just pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition ^_^ I was original plan to pre-order it on Amazon.. but for a stange reason, I couldn’t fine that edition anywhere o_o?? So I order it from CDON.no . It’s a page that selling all kinds of CD DVD and games in Norway. I still need to pre-order the japanese version @_@

And in few days is my Birthday ^_^ Wonder what to do?