Stop tell me what to do..

Maybe I should not write this when I’m mad, well not very mad, just mad that people to stupid to take times to read what you already have write down before… I got a comment on my Youtube page today: “maybe try some commentating on videos”. I know, I could just answer the person that write this message to me. But I would be just like a pissed girl that gone all mad writing something, so I better take my blog to make this clear again. Have eoungh and more space here anyway.

First off all, there is a FAQ on this page. I answer most of the question that most people wanted to know there. And I already wrote about, why I’m not doing commentary videos.. Because I want to keep the damn good original sounds from the game the way it is! -_- It’s that actualy so hard to understand?

I never really want to use gaming videos to become a partner, and there is lots of people that hate commentary/Let’s play. I’m not hating it, I actually enjoy watching them, but only from those that I have easyer times to get use to their voice. And second, why should I spend extra money, to get myself a gaming-headset, when the person I play games with most of time (which is my husband), is sitting either in the same room or even next to me?

I think it wasn’t so bad that I actualy sit down and write this, because I actually feels better now :P