So quite..

I haven’t writing anthing for awhile now, actually.. I don’t even know what to talk about, since most of the stuff, I already wrote it on my Facebook page. It’s not really much happen by me, only things is, that outside is getting cold. It even snow for one day! (o_o)

Otherwise, I been trying to finish Dynasty Warriors 7 story mode. Yes! I say DW7. Most of my friends and probably other people already finish this years ago LOL  (or maybe not, since the game is not that old.) I finally finish it few days ago, and been record all the CG and cutscene event with all kind of DLC costumes. I kind of feel sad that not all the character actually make it into the Story mode :( Right now while I’m writing this blog, I sit here, edit videos and record none stop on the cutscenes :D

There been so much games release lately, most of them is games I want. And the same problem is MONEY LOL. But that is fine, I still have lots of games I need to finish. Will only use what we have to buy games that we really want.

I sometimes really have no idea what I should write. I talk a lot sometimes, most of the times is about the same things. But I can’t always writing the same things, right? I mean, who would always want to read the same news? :o And I really don’t want to write any privat stuff here, there is everywhere little spy and it really have nothing much to do with gaming ;-) Which this blog is make for.

Let’s see, I want to write about blog today. I been reading other people blogs and some is just cool and funny. I’m envious of those people that can always (or most of the times) brings so much interesting things on their blog. I mean, right now my life is quite boring. I’m not mean that my married life is boring. But I’m not going out that much anymore, like I use to do.

Back than, I was living in big towns, I could just walk in shopping mall day and nights LOL The town I live in right now is quite small, complairing to what I know from before. I use to live in Germany before, at the first few years I was living close to Bremen. The last fews years in Germany, I was living close to Bonn and Klön. It was great times, and I have to say, I kind of missing that. I use to just sit in Cafè, watchin people walking around the town, that was relexing for me. While some other people like to party or rather looking at beautiful mountain. I love mountain, and we actually live on one. But where you was always been towns kid, would you kind of miss the town life? :)