Unboxing – BioHazard 15th Anniversary Box [e-capcom Limited Edition]

Ok.. I haven’t been writing anything lately, not because I have nothing to write.. it’s because I always so busy doing other stuff.. -_- Today, I decide to write about my unboxing video BioHazard 15th Anniversary Box [e-capcom Limited Edition].

I really wanted this edition, since it have Biohazard 1-3 on a original PS1 disc. So I been looking through the web and offcouse was on Play-Asia, where I alwasy import my games from. At first I actualy could have a chance to pre-order it, so I send the link to my husband. But somehow he forgot that this kind of stuff can be sold out very fast.. so after ahwile, I asked him if he pre-order it, he say “nope” ._. and guess what? Pre-order is sold out… <_< Well… we didn’t have money at that moment.. so we couldn’t pre-order it.. I was so MAD!! >o< So I been looking through everywhere, google almost everyday to find a page that will sell it for a pay-able price. Most of the page we been wanted either lots of money for shipping or they only accept paypal, which we can’t, since we need to wait for the money first. So after never give up for googling around, we was lucky eoungh on Ebay. We found a seller that maybe can get it, so we waited. But that wasn’t the happy end.. Capcom decide to send out mails about they can’t ship out more than what one person allowed to buy, so our seller couldn’t get one for us… so he send us mail about a Yahoo auction. That’s was probably not so bad luck afterall, since we actualy finally got one of this awesome Limited Edition!

In the end, my stubbornness wasn’t so bad afterall LOL :D Now a little info about the box. This box set is only for the PlayStation 3 not the Xbox 360 version. It can normaly only be bought by capcom webpage. Revival Selection is region free. PSOne and PS2 titles are not Regionfree and run only on NTSC-J systems! (Offcouse their is something you can use and do, so you can play region free on you PSOne and PS2, but we talking about the “normal” way)

• Biohazard Directors Cut – PSX
• Biohazard 2 – PSX
• Biohazard 3 Last Escape – PSX
• Biohazard Revival Selection – PS3
• Biohazard CODE: Veronica – soundtrack
• Biohazard 4 – soundtrack
• 15th anniversary items (STARS and Umbrella stickers)
• Spacer for Biohazard 5 or Biohazard 5 Gold Edition (PS3)

The unboxing video end at 8:45, I forgot to change some setting while I was editing this video ._.