Unboxing Tales of Xillia & Chou Jigen Game: Neptune Mk-2 [Limited Edition]

Today I got a packed from Play-Asia. I been waiting for this since I know about the release date from the games I have pre-ordered XD I did 2 unboxing videos for both games, since I didn’t want to make it in one video. First video was Tales of Xillia, which just release awhile ago in japan. There is already lots of videos and live streaming from other all over youtube and live stream page. I don’t know if I want to start to play the game yet, I kind of want to wait a little, since there is other games I want to play first. And I still haven’t finish other Tales yet <_< Yeah.. I know.. but after my PC broke and it never really get fixed (Don’t ask me, Ask the people that suppose to fix the PC why it still broken..) I think, if I’m going to start play ToX, I will start at Jude first, even I love Milla :x I save the best for the last LOL At this point it will keep me from play it again after I (maybe) finish it.

The second video is Chou Jigen Game: Neptune Mk-2 [Limited Edition]. No, I’m not having to much money, if that is what you can only think of. I been waiting for this quite long, around 1 months after release, since I actualy pre-order this, but I put this and ToX in the same order, so both game would come at the same time. I would have to pay a lot for both shipping, there will still a bill coming for the tax << I played the first one, but didn’t finish it… yeah.. I didn’t finish lots of games, since something always comes up and bough me to do other thing instead.. ._. I would love to stream more offen, it just that laptop is not so good at multi task ;_;

I think I will stop here XD Don’t really know right now what to write about the game yet, since I need to play it a little bit first :)