Hello, new Blog!

Hello and welcome to read my first blog post in my new blog. I decided to make a new blog, because I want the name to match to my Gaming Channel on Youtube. Not that you get some worng idea, I will leave my old blog open for now. I may delete it one day through.. Let see, where should we start? I’m not a person that like to write much, well.. I’m not good at writing long text. I always ends up repeat the same thing again and again. Most of the stuff here is the same as the old blog, just some update and change. On the right side of my blog is Twitter and Facebook fanpage. You will see news about me and other stuff there most of the times, instead of on this blog. I will through, try to update the blog as much as possible. Since I been having problems with uploading picture on WordPress, there may sometimes be no picture at all in blogpost.

You can klick on About AyaAnny to get to know me a little better, if thats what interst you. You have question? Feel free to ask, I will answer them if it’s not too privat. Just go to my Formspring or my Youtube page. I usualy not really like to write about privat stuff on blog, since there is lots of people that just waiting to attack you from all the direction. But I doesn’t not going to keep everything to myself, if it’s more than I can handle. If something really piss me off, I don’t see a reason either why I should keep it to myself. If you want to know about what games I have, just go over with your mouse “About AyaAnny”. There will be a list of games Me and My Husband own together. Interest in my gaming videos? Just go over gaming. There is also some setup and what record device, program I use. All the background on my youtube page is make by me.

So what you can find and expect here? You will find that out yourself :)